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Our official website is a treasure trove of information, we’ve covered everything you need to know about our products.

Tip: Regularly check our website for updates and seasonal care recommendations.

Every piece we craft is a testament to our dedication to precision. While our measurements are approximate, they’re designed to capture the essence and variability of natural stone. This ensures each product has its own unique charm.

Our diverse textures set us apart. By replicating the intricate details of natural stone surfaces, we ensure that each product is distinct, adding a touch of uniqueness to your space.

Tip: Mixing textures and different stone types can create dynamic visual interest in any setting.

Nature is full of beautiful inconsistencies, and our products aim to mirror that. Environmental factors might influence the perceived color, but this only adds to the authenticity of our simulated stone.

Tip: Always consider the lighting of your space when choosing a shade. Visit our Showroom where we can show you various colour options that will be perfect for your space. 

Nature evolves, and so do our products. The occasional white markings are a testament to the product’s natural evolution, without compromising its durability.

Tip: Embrace these markings; they tell a story of authenticity.

Quality is our priority. Stored in controlled conditions, our products might display temporary dark marks due to heat. These typically fade, revealing the product’s true beauty.

Tip: Lay the stone out in the sun for a day to expedite this natural fading process.

Nature has its quirks, and so does simulated stone. Temporary transparency, influenced by weather and raw materials, is a natural occurrence called Efflorescence. It usually resolves over time, but we recommend you to contact us for expert advise and guidence.

Tip: Positioning stones in shaded areas can reduce transparency effects.


Our products are crafted for longevity. Regular cleaning maintains their pristine appearance. While they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, sealing can further enhance their lifespan.

Tip: A bi-annual sealing can work wonders for outdoor installations.


Handle with care to preserve the product’s integrity. Store them vertically in a covered area, elevated from the ground to prevent moisture absorption.

Tip: Using soft cloths or pads between stacked stones can prevent scratches.


We’re committed to excellence. Using premium materials ensures our products age gracefully, enhancing their beauty over time.

Tip: Simulated stone, with proper care, can outlast many natural alternatives.


Digital representations provide a glimpse, but nothing beats the real thing. We continually innovate, so product designs and specifications might evolve.

Tip: Visit our showroom with physical samples on hand to ensure colour accuracy and peace of mind.

Words and pictures can only convey so much. We invite you to our showroom to touch, feel, and visualize how our products can transform your spaces. Our team is eager to guide you, offering insights and providing colour samples upon request.

Simulated stone is an art and science combined. By visiting us, you’re taking a step towards making an informed and confident decision.